Okta Partner

About Okta

The world's leading identity company.

identic is an Okta partner. From its founding as the world's leading identity company in 2009 to its merger with Auth0 in 2021, Okta has grown to become the leading independent identity provider for organizations around the world. We consistently focus on customer and employee identities - enabling companies to provide their customers, employees and partners with secure access and a high-quality user experience at all times.

Flexibility and freedom of choice are at the heart of our solutions: we enable every user - whether a budding developer or a decision-maker in one of the world's largest companies - to put together and use their tech stack in the way that suits them best. And that's because Okta works everywhere, on every device and with every technology.


The solution

Okta focuses on customer and employee identities - and enables your customers, employees and partners to have secure access and a high-quality user experience at all times.

With flexibility and neutrality at the core of our Customer Identity and Workforce Identity Clouds, we enable seamless and secure access for your customers, employees and partners.

  • Customer Identity Cloud
    It all starts with the customer's identity - customer identities are much more than just the login box - they protect every click and make it easier for you to win and retain customers. Help your application developers, your IT managers and your security teams to shorten time-to-market and grow your business.
  • Workforce Identity Cloud
    The right solution for every employee: Okta Workforce Identity Cloud gives your employees easy and secure access to the resources they need.
  • For your workforce
    Enable all users in your company - employees, suppliers, etc. - to work easily and securely with any end device and at any location.
  • For your business partners
    Enable your business partners to work with you efficiently and securely.